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A boost in the development of Noida Sector 150 ?>

A boost in the development of Noida Sector 150

Updates on consistent development systems of Greater Noida has been found in the previous decade. Among the various pockets in Noida–Greater Noida, Sector 150 is the most preferred realty objective, having a blend of business and residential projects in Sector 150 Noida divides. Sector 150 is flawlessly associated with Delhi-NCR with 8 path DND Flyway. It is associated with significant centers of Noida and Greater Noida with 6 paths Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The 75-meter wide street from Noida to Faridabad…

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Who will be benefited? The Repo Rate cut by RBI ?>

Who will be benefited? The Repo Rate cut by RBI

To mitigate the COVID 19 effect, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has finally taken a major step to cut down the repo rate by a whopping 75 basis point. Thus, bringing it down to its lowest ever mark of 4.4%. Before this the lowest mark was 4.7% which happened in April 2009 during the global financial crisis. Finance minister has also shown support by saying it will encourage growth and will bring in financial stability in these challenging times….

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The ACE of real estate ?>

The ACE of real estate

If you are looking for top builders in Noida and searching for top real estate brands in Noida and are confused we wouldn’t really blame you. Travel along a mile of a road in Noida and chances are you will see buildings made by 3-4 different builders, all of them with grandiose names. So how do you really separate the wheat from the chaff? The record of the ACE group can speak to you for itself. A company recognized by…

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Think Before You Sell Your House ?>

Think Before You Sell Your House

Selling and buying a home is very common these days. Many times we get so emotionally attached that we don’t even care to know what are the formalities involved in this ? and we are prone to commit certain mistakes that are bad for you both in terms of property and financially. Thus to avoid these, Ace group have comes up with few recommendations for those who are entering into such a deal for the first time. If you are…

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Opening New Avenues For Business In NCR ?>

Opening New Avenues For Business In NCR

Regardless of any real estate investments, the NCR region is considered as the best real estate markets in India where you can park your money. Ace group is renowned and top builders in Noida that has fulfilled many dreams and hopes of home buyers and investors. The place is a classical example of splurging demand and ample supply. Furthermore, it is also the prime destination for a number of social industrial developments. With the mounting facilities and coming of various…

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