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Privacy Policy...

While information is the foundation of our potential to provide the best services, our most precious asset is our customers' trust. We keep our customers’ information as highly confidential and uses it only in the manner our customers want us to do. This is the matter of utmost importance for everyone at Ace Group.We keep the best safety measures and ways to safeguard, any information our customers share with us.We keep the limits to collection and usage of customers information to the minimum level we require to provide the best service to our customers. This includes advising customers about the projects, services and opportunities.

Only trained employees are authorized to access and handle customer information. Anyone who violates this will be subject to our disciplinary process. We don’t reveal the customer information to any outside organizations without prior permission of customer in mode of any agreement or disclosure. We always maintain strict control over the confidentiality of our customer information.Whenever we hire other organizations to provide any kind of services, we require them to agree to our policy standards and to allow us to audit them for any compliance.

We continuously assess ourselves in order to assure that privacy of a customer is always respected. We do the business in a manner that stick to the best practices of the industry.