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The rise and fame received by Ace in just a decade since its inception has been nothing less than astonishing. Such a meteoric rise is achieved by following the ethics of work and by building trust among the home buyers community. The group has a firm belief on continuing with the ethics and bringing in the innovations.

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The power of compassion gives the ability to understand the situation of others. It is an absolute fact that society cannot operate without compassion. But just to feel is not enough and one should have the courage to take action for the betterment. Courage and compassion form one of the most dynamic combinations in the world. Ace has been compassionate since the start and have been courageously acting and supporting the society towards the brighter side of it.



Ace Group considers endurance as one of the most important aspects of professionalism. Endurance is important in most aspects of life, be it in sports or in profession. It is your power to understand and co exist with the challenging times and rigorous competition. The group's endurance has given it a belief that it can manage the outcomes of the courageous efforts and steps it takes.

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Gauri Khan

two titans come together...

Gauri Khan has been associated with ACE for 3 years and within this time the collaboration has brought in a relationship of trust and credibility. She has conceptualized the interiors of ACE Golfshire with sophistication and panache which has brought together an overall feel of a timeless elegance ,taking that forward ACE has built an ambience of opulence and comfort.

Taking the legacy and this fantastic association further Gauri Khan will also work on the interiors of the new luxury project by Ace - Ace Parkway in sector 150, Noida.

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