Real Estate: The Intelligent Investment ?>

Real Estate: The Intelligent Investment

“When one door closes, buy another one and open it yourself.”  Leaving aside the fact that real estate was rated the best long-term investment, well ahead of gold, stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts and bonds and of course the emotion in Indians to call a place as their own is unparalleled. Imagine living in an elite home, not only with all kinds of essentials and amenities at your door step but also utilities such as a retail hub, Sports and…

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Why invest in projects in Sector 152, Noida? ?>

Why invest in projects in Sector 152, Noida?

“Find Out Where The People Are Going And Buy The Land Before They Get There.” ~William Penn Adair Anyone would love to live with all the greenery in high class apartments distant from the overcrowded city, pollution and traffic noises. But the question here is, are you willing to make an effort to live the life you imagine? The luxury projects in Sector 152 Noida makes it the chosen destination for property buyers. The Noida real estate market is a…

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Why Noida, Why Now? ?>

Why Noida, Why Now?

Imagine waking up from a good night’s sleep, where you can hear the birds chirp and feel the warmth of the Sun. You pour out the curtains and you see the elegant Noida express highway, other skyscrapers greeting you and a blue sky where you can actually see the clouds in the morning and stars after the dusk, obviously because ofall the greenery apparent on the sides of every road. Now stop imagining, you’re in Noida, or should I correct…

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The importance of home insurance. Have you insured your home yet? ?>

The importance of home insurance. Have you insured your home yet?

A home is one of the most valuable assets and probably the costliest investment for any individual. Acting as a shield against all odds, it protects you from the perils of the world by standing tall in the face of natural or man-made disasters. But what can we do to protect our homes in return? The real question is should we stop here or walk an extra mile to protect our homes? Home insurance is the one safety net that…

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Modern Living spaces of Divine Beauty ?>

Modern Living spaces of Divine Beauty

We all dream of a home that fulfills our wishes of living in a luxurious and lavish apartment where all the facilities are served with zero interruption. Well, ACE presents ACE Divino in Noida Extension to create a luxury landmark with modern facilities and amenities. This project is a panoramic housing project which gives you the ultimate experience of the modern, lavish and advanced lifestyle with remarkable amenities for adults, children and elderly. ACE Divino is a next-generation residential destination…

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Experience modern lifestyle in an extravagant way ?>

Experience modern lifestyle in an extravagant way

Noida Extension is the new residential living hub in the National Capital Region (NCR). Many homebuyers are locating to this suburban location and buying apartments. The locality promises a comfortable living experience for its residents along with good transportation networks and a rapidly developing social infrastructure. The region enjoys the advantages of prominent location and connectivity without missing out on the charms of lush greenery of nature, infrastructure, and real estate. ACE Divino is one of the best residential projects…

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Breathe Green at ACE Divino ?>

Breathe Green at ACE Divino

Somewhere or the other, we all have dreamt for our ideal home and things associated. There can be numerous internal & external factors that differ person to person, but ideally, we all are connected to the same thought of experiencing a luxurious & convenient housing structure. But many people compromise over their dream home when it comes to prices. And there are very few real-estate companies left which provide the best of residential experience under the most nominal prices. But…

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The ACE of real estate ?>

The ACE of real estate

If you are looking for top builders in Noida and searching for top real estate brands in Noida and are confused we wouldn’t really blame you. Travel along a mile of a road in Noida and chances are you will see buildings made by 3-4 different builders, all of them with grandiose names. So how do you really separate the wheat from the chaff? The record of the ACE group can speak to you for itself. A company recognized by…

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ACE Platinum: A platinum choice for your residence ?>

ACE Platinum: A platinum choice for your residence

If you are looking at ready to move apartments in Greater Noida, look no further than ACE Platinum. Ace Platinum is of the best ready to move in residential project in Greater Noida. These affordable ready to move in flats in Greater Noida are available in 2, 3 and 4 BHK sizes and are rich, airy and pleasantly located with lots of greenery around. These luxurious residences with almost all imaginable modern amenities ranging from round the clock security to…

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ACE: The name that spells quality ?>

ACE: The name that spells quality

There are many real estate builders in NCR but all of them do not spell the same quality as the ACE group.Considered as pioneers in the Indian real estate industry, the ACE group has always delivered world –class construction which has been showcased in all the completed projects of the group. It has been on the forefront of innovation in real estate developments in Delhi and NCR region. Founded in 2010, the ACE group has been a flagbearer of quality…

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