Essential Factors for your new Beginning ?>

Essential Factors for your new Beginning

 “Man is made by his belief, as he believes, so he is.” Your home is the place where your day starts and after all the toil and dirt it is the home where you find peace. The ancient science of Vastu shastra is texts on the traditional Indian system of architecture. Vastu is believed to bring prosperity to the house but many argue that vastu is just an attempt to improve your quality of life. While there is little one can do with the structural formation of an apartment, there’s always a solution to every con in Vastu. Today we will discuss with you 4 flaws that you need to take note of and how you can correct some flaws if you have crossed the stage of possession.

  1. The history and maintenance of the property: Buying a home in a project which has new construction or a newly built home is more preferred, but if you are buying a home in resale where someone else lived earlier, it is recommended to know about the existing energies and vibrations. You can do this by cleaning, painting and a little renovation in the home. You can always look out freely for a new space but if you are looking at a resale property, choose carefully and buy one which is well maintained by its previous owners and has a history of no or less damages.  maintenance of the property
  2. Shades of prosperity: Experts point out that each section of your home requires colors as per its energy requirement, size and direction. The color requirement of your home section should be as per its usage. Vastu commands you to avoid dark colors in your living and steer away from blue for the kitchen. Use of red in pooja rooms should be avoided and light cheerful shades are best suited for your master bedroom. So folks, if the residence doesn’t match the criteria, it’s time to take up the brush and get to work.Shades of prosperity
  3. A Vastu-friendly balcony: Balcony is often considered as a significant part of an apartment, many people make it a necessity to have a cozy balcony, and they should because it is where you can grab a cup of tea, relax and let out all the negativity in open air. Vastu suggests placing smaller flower pots in your balcony, as they attract positive energy. Also, if your balcony looks like a dark corner at night add a couple of lights to it, maybe put in a couple of candles or invest in a nice lamp to avoid the negativity of dim balconies.Vastu-friendly balcony
  4. Placing the furniture where it’s meant to be: Proper orientation and direction for the placement of furniture is another important aspect in order to make the energies flow in sway to harmonize the environment. Common mistakes include placing mirror in front of the bed, placing the bed in western direction and using cracked furniture, these are only a few flaws but all of them can be easily rectified by re-organization and welcome positive energy to your home with open arms.Placing the furniture

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