Interior Decors to AMP up Your Home this Monsoon ?>

Interior Decors to AMP up Your Home this Monsoon

The monsoon bears upon your lovely homes a dreary look and what better fighting this dull hue by redesigning the interior décor which shall not only amp up the space but also give you the newly feeling you got when you first entered your adobe. No need to bump your head here and there at quirky websites looking for décor in your budget and quick to install, here are interior tips from Ace to amp up your homes.

  1. Hanging Chairs and effortless flowering: What’s better than gazing through the sky, watching the drizzling rain, with a cup of tea in your hands while sitting in a 3 side view balcony at our just launched Ace Starlit? Nothing at all, but you do need a bit of preparation for it to be effortless and untroubled. We recommend a couple of cushioned hanging chairs with inexpensive canopies and umbrellas to make a makeshift tea/coffee area. Glass bottled aralias and a couple of flowers would make your balcony a stress resistant part of your busy urban life.1. Hanging Chairs and effortless flowering
  2. Pop the color, pop the mind: It’s that time of the year again when all you want to do is drop your chores and call in sick from work to curl up with a book and your pup, while the monsoon brings up the gloomy senses with it you will need to keep your spirits up and you certainly can’t do that without colors popping and instantly lifting your chins with a smile. Although, the interiors of our Ace parkway exemplify modern luxurious designs exclusively designed by Gauri Khan you can add and a tinge of your own art to it by switching your grays, blues, and dark hues and ablaze them for bright shades of prismatic cherry, lilac, and what not. Changing your cushion covers is the easiest way to keep your decor fresh and preppy.2. Pop the color, pop the mind
  3. Smell good, feel good: Tired of spraying all over with the choking air fresheners? Still battling against the musty smell from the rain and the sweaty stench. Scented candles are just the thing you need, they’re classy, rich, and give an upscale to your décor and of course, they smell too good. The scent of nature cannot be succeeded and of course, with the forested greens of our luxury apartments Ace Golfshire, the musty smell of monsoon would be remarkably reduced but for your convenience and the extra peace, these scented candles provide the house they are a total go-to deal. Now available at a very affordable price and in hundreds of variants you could be living in your luxurious flats, living an 80s LA movie within a minute of lighting them.Smell good, feel good
  4. Enter into a happier, greener home: Can’t go out for a pretty walk because of the rain? Invite nature over to your place. Home plants can give you a fresher, greener, more purified and a new look you would have always wanted. A Little bit of care and they could just be the perfect partner for your colored cushions and aromatic air. Pair them up with beautiful engraved pots and you will be in a new home every time you enter.Enter into a happier, greener home




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