ACE Divino, An elegant arrangement for home buyers who want to experience the luxury. Ace has launched its one of the luxurious project in Greater Noida West. Ace Divino aims to fulfill the dreams of people who always wanted to live their lives in an extravagant style. This project is landed on 42491.99 square meters (10.5 Acres) area, with prime facilities like Zen Garden, Gazebos in central Park, 2 sides open plot, Amphitheatre, Basketball court, tennis court, 3 swimming pool,…

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The good, bad or too early? ?>

The good, bad or too early?

Let’s see the benefits for real estate sector presented in this union budget. Affordable Housing Benefits Increased The Finance Minister has announced an extension of the deadline to receive benefits on the purchase of affordable housing for one more year till March 31, 2022. This means that a deduction benefit of Rs. 1.5 lakh under Section 80EEA will now be available to buyers who invest in an affordable housing project before March 2022. It provides relief for buyers who were…

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Real estate seems to be again catching the pace ?>

Real estate seems to be again catching the pace

The depiction of the epidemic in India and all over the world takes place in times of crisis, it is real estate that is solid as an investment compared to other asset classes and thus the segment has started showing growth. While this has been a common desire among many to be a homeowner, it took a back seat to a world of options for being adventurous and spending on extravagant flats and homes. Now that people are struggling for…

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Why to invest in a post COVID real estate sector? ?>

Why to invest in a post COVID real estate sector?

Owing to the frequent fluctuations in Real Estate, there has been a lot of buzz about the growth and dormancy of one of the strongest pillars of the Indian Economy. Many residential real estate sectors are also suffering from the outbreak of the global pandemic. The real estate sector was already under stress during the year 2019 due to the credit squeeze, high leverage, rising non-performing assets in the construction finance and also due to the overall economic slowdown. But…

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Compelling Reasons to buy your dream home this NEW YEAR ?>

Compelling Reasons to buy your dream home this NEW YEAR

One New Year resolution that will have unquestionably crossed the minds of the vast majority lately is purchasing a home. The doubt, however, is whether they will really get around to it. Real estate is becoming one of the best forms of investment with an almost ensured return on investment. If something is known from recent trends, property values are simply set to increment from here on. Over the past year, many government reforms and development trends have made predictions…

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Year End Offer – 10:90 Payment Plan ?>

Year End Offer – 10:90 Payment Plan

It is a common perception that the privileged class of home buyers alone seeks extravagance homes. With luxury apartments becoming affordable, the upper-middle-class families also show an eager interest in them. Many luxury homes in Noida Extension have developed positive response from middle-class homebuyers who are ready to fork out more for premium construction quality and latest amenities that enhance the standard of living. But buying your dream home is one of the biggest satisfaction for any individual. When a…

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The exclusivity of X residences ?>

The exclusivity of X residences

Noida Sector 150, located at the southern edge of Noida Expressway is the most prominent and hottest residential hub of Noida that is located at the confluence of Yamuna and Hindon River. Sector 150 is the most Luxurious sector in Noida that is developing at an amazing pace and will surely become the most luxury residential hub in the upcoming years. Its connectivity with Noida, Faridabad and even Gurgaon makes it the most sought after location along with a state…

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Raising the bar of living standards in Noida ?>

Raising the bar of living standards in Noida

Everyone wants to live a life that is less tense and more fun. To make life a little stress-free, people usually work hard to get some kind of security in life and invest money for the future. Ace group brings you the best property in Noida Extension. The investment today in the real estate market is growing at a good pace. Unlike buying a house to live in, many people and investors are securing their future through property investment. It…

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Discover the glory of Green Diwali Clean Diwali ?>

Discover the glory of Green Diwali Clean Diwali

Green Diwali is to spare the climate. It is ordinarily around this season that the most reduced layer of the climate is loaded up with an exhaust cloud when smoke joins with haze. The condition is most exceedingly terrible in metropolitan urban communities and metropolitan centers. At Ace Divino, we help you find your perfect healthy space. We assist you with discovering prosperous flats in Noida.  This Diwali, builders are offering Green space flats in Noida to encourage Green Diwali,…

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Green Open Spaces Inintegrated Townships are Beneficial ?>

Green Open Spaces Inintegrated Townships are Beneficial

Homebuyers today are increasingly choosing residences in integrated townships over independently located housing projects. In the midst or rather on the fringes of the unfolding urban chaos, top builders in Noida are providing the integrated townships, the kind of enabled and secure lifestyle that urban dwellers yearn for, yet are unable to access in normal residential developments. While eliminating the filth and chaos of city life, townships simultaneously provide every quintessential need of modern living, including schools, departmental stores and…

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