ACE Golfshire: Where Luxury is waiting for you ?>

ACE Golfshire: Where Luxury is waiting for you

With the rising of the real estate segment in India, elite housing projects have witnessed a lot of user interest. With the increasing number of upper middle class with disposable income, luxurious living has now become a way of life. The luxury home segment is not limited only to metros and bigger cities but there are several luxury flagship projects available across the length and breadth of India. Since luxury property is an expensive deal and usually a onetime deal…

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The micro markets within Noida ?>

The micro markets within Noida

Real estate has seen a significant growth in demand with the starting of this year. People are aware & educated about their choices when seeking a dream home. A home is something we always dream about to our full context, be it price or place, or any other major element. One always try to buy the same as he/she dreamt of. But many people sacrifice when it comes to scratching their pockets. People are often looted when seeking a dream…

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Why is ACE among the BEST? ?>

Why is ACE among the BEST?

There are builders dime a dozen around you. Look around and you will probably find buildings made by five different builders in a 1 km stretch of the road. It is no different in the Delhi NCR region. But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. One  group which stand out from the rest is the ACE group, Noida which has been on the forefront of innovation in real estate developments in Delhi and NCR…

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Get Your Home Diwali-Ready ?>

Get Your Home Diwali-Ready

So it’s almost Diwali time! And many home buyers are going to shift in their dream home. As this holds a special place in your heart thus it is very important to decorate it and make it more inviting and spacious. These days there are lots of décor options available to make your home looks livelier. Ace Group is one of the top construction companies which always comes up with lots of amazing and innovative offers and décor ideas to…

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5 Reasons To Buy A Home From Ace Group ?>

5 Reasons To Buy A Home From Ace Group

The construction sector is the highly unorganized sector in the entire world. Many times it looks better for buyers and dealers and many times it’s the worst. The regular fluctuation has shaken the strength of both the parties. However, with the development of technology,  a huge number of real estate companies have come forward to strengthen this sector and Ace Group is one of best  Builders in Noida. ACE Group is not a new name in the construction world. Today…

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Opening New Avenues For Business In NCR ?>

Opening New Avenues For Business In NCR

Regardless of any real estate investments, the NCR region is considered as the best real estate markets in India where you can park your money. Ace group is renowned and top builders in Noida that has fulfilled many dreams and hopes of home buyers and investors. The place is a classical example of splurging demand and ample supply. Furthermore, it is also the prime destination for a number of social industrial developments. With the mounting facilities and coming of various…

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Noida Extension Is Loaded With World-Class Infrastructure ?>

Noida Extension Is Loaded With World-Class Infrastructure

With decades of experience in creating glorious infrastructure, Ace group is believed as a pioneer craftsman in the country. ACE Group is a Top Reputed builders in Noida. The flat in Noida is fully surrounded with lush green area. In all its construction design, the company has taken full care in providing finest services to make your commercial settings beautiful, safe and intelligent. The infrastructure constructs by the Ace Group provides you the optimal experience of living within in a…

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