Real-Estate Market Favourable for Home Buyers ?>

Real-Estate Market Favourable for Home Buyers

In the wake of a tumultuous pandemic every industry has been hit hard, including the real estate sector. But industry experts are of the opinion that unstable stock markets and underperforming mutual funds have nudged investors to look out for a more secure asset class to invest their funds where they can receive positive returns. Since disruption has configured the new normal, great strides are being taken by realty sector players to capitalize on this through advanced and innovative methods….

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How work from home (WFH) has influenced the home buyers’ market ?>

How work from home (WFH) has influenced the home buyers’ market

Although the Covid-19 crisis has disrupted our day-to-day existence, it has also brought fresh opportunities which hve redefined professional culture. With telecommuting opportunities offering various benefits like remote work policies, increased productivity, and significant changes in the work cycle, remote working is here to stay. Some builders in Noida took this as an opportunity&made some updates in their ongoing projects’ interiorsfor the convenience of the new buyers. According to a global survey conducted by Gartner, Inc, it was found that…

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ACE Divino, An elegant arrangement for home buyers who want to experience the luxury. Ace has launched its one of the luxurious project in Greater Noida West. Ace Divino aims to fulfill the dreams of people who always wanted to live their lives in an extravagant style. This project is landed on 42491.99 square meters (10.5 Acres) area, with prime facilities like Zen Garden, Gazebos in central Park, 2 sides open plot, Amphitheatre, Basketball court, tennis court, 3 swimming pool,…

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Year End Offer – 10:90 Payment Plan ?>

Year End Offer – 10:90 Payment Plan

It is a common perception that the privileged class of home buyers alone seeks extravagance homes. With luxury apartments becoming affordable, the upper-middle-class families also show an eager interest in them. Many luxury homes in Noida Extension have developed positive response from middle-class homebuyers who are ready to fork out more for premium construction quality and latest amenities that enhance the standard of living. But buying your dream home is one of the biggest satisfaction for any individual. When a…

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Raising the bar of living standards in Noida ?>

Raising the bar of living standards in Noida

Everyone wants to live a life that is less tense and more fun. To make life a little stress-free, people usually work hard to get some kind of security in life and invest money for the future. Ace group brings you the best property in Noida Extension. The investment today in the real estate market is growing at a good pace. Unlike buying a house to live in, many people and investors are securing their future through property investment. It…

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Discover the glory of Green Diwali Clean Diwali ?>

Discover the glory of Green Diwali Clean Diwali

Green Diwali is to spare the climate. It is ordinarily around this season that the most reduced layer of the climate is loaded up with an exhaust cloud when smoke joins with haze. The condition is most exceedingly terrible in metropolitan urban communities and metropolitan centers. At Ace Divino, we help you find your perfect healthy space. We assist you with discovering prosperous flats in Noida.  This Diwali, builders are offering Green space flats in Noida to encourage Green Diwali,…

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Celebrating the Spirit of Navratri Differently Amid Covid-19 ?>

Celebrating the Spirit of Navratri Differently Amid Covid-19

In India, there are many auspicious religious festivals, and Navratri is one of the most auspicious celebrated festivals across the states in India. ‘Navratri’ meaning ‘nine auspicious nights’, is an auspicious festival which is celebrated to honor Goddess Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. People fast, perform spiritual rituals, and pray with great devotion during these nine auspicious days. Navratri, 2020 has almost arrived and is knocking on your doorstep to celebrate with high enthusiasm, devotion, and energy but this time the celebration…

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Tips to décor your home at its best ?>

Tips to décor your home at its best

A beautiful home is a welcome relief for all of us. An all-around enlivened home is an impression of one’s style, way of life, and taste that may be interesting to them.Each individual has an alternate methodology towards planning and beautifying their home. The extravagance flats in Noida Extension presents to you the ideal objective for extensive homes that can rejuvenate your creative mind. Here are a few tips that help you to decorate your home: Set the pace –When you imagine…

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The Bliss of Living an Active Lifestyle ?>

The Bliss of Living an Active Lifestyle

Living an active life is important to staying healthy. An active lifestyle is not just a process but is a habit of doing something that one enjoys doing. For some people, it means playing any outdoor sport, and for some, it is jogging or running. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to the gym, walking, running around the block, dancing along to an aerobics DVD in private, or going out for a quiet bike ride — just get moving….

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Experience the Luxury of 21st Century ?>

Experience the Luxury of 21st Century

The property market in Greater Noida West/Noida Extension has everything that a buyer of affordable housing looks for – quality construction in the given segment, amenities and attractive price points. This is probably the only market that offers affordable and luxury housing with all modern facilities and amenities. Noida extension has become a residential hotspot for buyers and investors due to 5 major reasons: World class planning and infrastructure Affordable prices Accessible location Reputed and Trusted builders Potential for appreciation…

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