Who will be benefited? The Repo Rate cut by RBI ?>

Who will be benefited? The Repo Rate cut by RBI

To mitigate the COVID 19 effect, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has finally taken a major step to cut down the repo rate by a whopping 75 basis point. Thus, bringing it down to its lowest ever mark of 4.4%. Before this the lowest mark was 4.7% which happened in April 2009 during the global financial crisis. Repo-Rate-cut-by-RBIFinance minister has also shown support by saying it will encourage growth and will bring in financial stability in these challenging times. Earlier, RBI has also allowed banks and lending institutions to extend the instalment schedules and moratorium by three months to reduce risks and provide ease to the public. This cut in repo rate is likely to result in commodities becoming cheaper due to lower interest, ultimately benefiting you, the end consumer. The industries too will be able to get loans at cheaper interest rates from the lenders. Assuming its impact on the real estate sector, some of the top builders in Noida and other parts of NCR have welcomed the decision of RBI and are expecting that real estate sector in India especially the commercial real estate will get a fresh kick start in this time of crisis.

The investors in this time have to come up and take this opportunity to invest in the real estate market. This segment is highly sustainable and usually absorbs these kinds of market fluctuations which other sectors like stocks and gold cannot sustain with. The significant cut in the repo rate will give a much-needed boon to the real estate sector and will also increase the trust level of property buyers. Builders across major cities of India are already floating offers like never before, so it is a perfect time to be a perfect opportunist and invest in real estate for a better and stable future.

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